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If you’re browsing through this page, then you may seek for answers to questions such as “Who I should address to sell my products (or service)?”, “What do the competitors do?”, “What I should do to identify new clients?”.

The answers to these questions lie in the market analyses, or market research, if you prefer.

The type of market analysis relies mainly on two factors: the data to be gathered and the dimension and typology of the sample to interview.

In addition to this, it is possible to perform both desk research, in which no interview is carried out, and field research, which for their own nature, involves interviews – with different channels chosen on the basis of the budget – or focus groups.

​How we can help you

As we are a market research institute, belonging to global organisation Esomar, we can help you gain a better understanding of the type of analysis that is better to carry out in your case.

Here's a list of the benefits, if you choose us:

  1. Support in choosing the best analysis typology in relation to your goals and your budget

  2. Organisation of analysis and research process, beginning with data and sample retrieval, up to the final report

  3. Adherence to Esomar code of conduct to to guarantee research quality and protection of respondents data

To you, this means saving time and resources, but above all, having data and reliable replies for your business decisions.

Our main typologies of marketing analysis

Here are our main research methodologies:

  • Desk research (market value, competitors, current trends)

  • Focus Group

  • In – depth interviews to buyers and customers type

  • On-line surveys

  • Customer satisfaction measurement (customer survey)

Industries in which we’ve gained experience

We’ve gained experience both in wide projects of market research and in the analysis for small and medium enterprises operating in several industries: sport, catering, associations and healthcare.

How to ask for a free initial consultation

If you want to get a better understanding of your industry, contact us for an initial consultation on the best type of research, suitable for your specific case.

Fill in the contact form below, call us at 035 0144618, chat with us on the website, or write us on WhatsApp (link on the top). 

If you contact us, you’ll have a chance to request a free initial consultation, to understand how to set up your market analysis.


Send us an email and we'll reply you within 24 hours; instead, if you phone us, you’ll get an instant consultation.

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example projects:

Jean Louis David

Ricerca sulla soddisfazione della clientela e insights per nuovi servizi

Stadio della Roma

Ricerca quali quantitativa per la pre verifica della proposta business B2B del nuovo stadio