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Computer Assisted Telephone interviews are the most employed technique to gather quantitative data, alternatively or along with on-line surveys. Below you can read further details on this research methodology.


Direct data collection is implemented by means of telephone interviews. These are an effective and widely spread method, which enables us to gather a statistically significant sample. During interviews on the phone, the interviewer reads questions to the respondent and records his/her answers into the computer.

As a full-service research institute, we offer you all the research services you may need to run your interviews in Italy and abroad.

The stages of a research project are the following:

  • Research planning

  • Survey computerisation

  • Sample recruitment and construction of a respondent sample based on your needs

  • Data gathering

  • Data analysis and report preparation which includes processed data tables

Types of surveys

We manage your CATI both when the questionnaire has already been drafted and is of use in collecting data (the so called fieldwork), and when its creation is necessary.

Industries in which we’ve gained experience

We’ve gained experience in this type of research in the following industries: personal care, manifacture, helthcare & pharma, FMCG.

How to ask for a free initial consultation

If you want to learn more on how to organise CATI, contact us for a free initial consultation on the strategic aspects of your market research activity.

You can fill out the contact form, phone at 035 0144618, chat with us on the website, or write us on WhatsApp (link on the top).

Send us a message and we’ll contact you back within 24 hours; instead, if you call us, you’ll speak with one of our experts and you’ll get an instant consultation.

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Additional information on CATI

CATI research method has been devised to improve the telephone interview.


A software automatically guides and supports the respondent during the research. The questionnaire and the possible answers are displayed on the screen: not only is this a guideline for the interviewer, but also it establishes the right order of the questions: those who gather data aren’t enabled to change either questions or the questionnaire itself; in short, they’re also intermediators between the respondent and the questionnaire.

The researcher gets in contact with the interviewee and follows the instructions on the screen; then, the replies are directly recorded on the computer database; thus, there’s no risk of loosing them or having troubles during the record.

Thanks to this procedure, you’ll

  • ​Have a data collection of high quality: the interviewer is compelled to precisely ask questions.

  • Save time: the system automatically organises recontacts. In addition, data are instantly and directly added, without transferring them from paper to computer.

  • Get accuracy and precision increased: it’s a questionnaire on the screen, fully guided. There’s no possibility of mistakes due to not comprehensible or confused transcription.

  • Have full control on the flow of the interview: a summary screen allows you to check the status; how many interviews and which ones have been completed and which instead, have been paused or haven’t been finished.

  • Save money: the project doesn’t demand a full management

  • Contact: the interviewer guarantees a relation with the respondent.

example projects:


Sondaggio del mercato per la proposta di fibra ad alta velocità


Interviste in profondità in location a buyer B2B nel

settore industriale