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In-depth interview is the best technique to explore the mindset of an individual customer, to have a honest and impartial point of view on the new products/service and needs. In addition, this method helps you create reliable buyer personas, useful for your marketing strategy.


Sometimes group dynamics are less important than how a person perceives a brand, a product or a service.

As a full-service research institute, we offer you all the research services you may need to run your in-depth interviews in Italy and abroad. 

Our service includes:


  • Organisation of your market research

  • Creation of the discussion guide

  • Sample recruitment

  • Selection and booking of the best locations for your research in Italy (if necessary)

  • In-depth interview moderation

  • Data analysis with qualitative reports

  • Simultaneous interpretation of focus groups interviews

Types of in-depth interviews

A qualitative interview may be held face to face or by phone (or web meeting), in relation to the needs of the research project. . The following is a short description of the different types of in-depth interviews.

IDI (In Depth Interviews): in-depth interview run individually in a central location or in the field.

TDI (Telephone Depth Interviews): in-depth interview conducted by means of a phone or video call software.

WATI (Web Assisted Telephone Interview): in-depth interview carried out by phone or by telematic sharing of audio-visual material by means of softwares specifically designed.


Industries in which we’ve gained experience

We’ve gained experience in this type of research in the following industries: corporate service,, manifacture, food, FMCG, automotive, helthcare & pharma, fashion.

How to ask for a free initial consultation

If you want to learn more on how to organise your in-depth interviews, contact us for a free initial consultation on the strategic aspects of your market research activity.

You can fill out the contact form, phone at 035 0144618, chat with us on the website, or write us on WhatsApp (link on the top).

Send us a message and we’ll contact you back within 24 hours; instead, if you call us, you’ll speak with one of our experts and you’ll get an instant consultation.

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Additional Information about in-depth interviews

An in-depth interview is a conversation driven by a moderator (usually a sociologist or psychologist) with a specific participant.


It's a qualitative research methodology that therefore gives you the opportunity to collect deep and descriptive insights about the habits of your target, their attitudes and perceptions.

You can also understand how your target thinks and how they organize information, answering to questions such as "What people think and why they think like that"?

Those interviews are usually done by telephone or in person: it is an organized conversation conducted in order to let the respondent freely express its or her opinion, thanks to open end questions. 


When in person, the moderator can also analyze the body language, in order to better understand the answers.

In-depth interviews are often used when you don't know much about the customer target and you want to have first insights from the interviewed people; eventually those data and information can also be used to develop quantitative questionnaires (like on-line researches) in order to have trustworthy statistics about the target habits. ​

During those interviews, the target is considered "an expert" 

The researcher wants to study everything about the interviewed on the research topic: that's why he or she asks questions in a neutral way, carefully listening to answers and doing conversation raises.


The moderator does not lead the participant to think preconceptions, neither he or she encourages too specific answers.

The moderator role is to help participants in sharing their thoughts and perceptions about the main topic.

The moderator must be a listener, he or she must know when to go deeper in the conversation and details and be attentive also to non verbal body language.


Moreover he or she must also tell the participant which is the interview aim and structure, assuring that the interviewed understands that the privacy of the shared information is completely safe.

With our in-depth interviews you can:


  • build a more personal relationship with the participants making them feeling comfy and so getting deeper insights

  • ask further questions, probe different topics and come back to the key questions in the latest steps of the interview for a better understanding of attitudes, perceptions and motivations

  • keep track of voice tone changes and the words used

  • get actionable and useful insights with just few respondents

  • having a one to one personal conversation with no group interactions

  • be able to gather quickly the information that you need

example projects:


Interviste in profondità telefoniche a medici nel settore Farmaceutico


Interviste in profondità in location a buyer B2B nel

settore industriale