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Where we work

Italian Market Research Institute

Hangler Marketing Advisor is an market research institute founded in 20082008 to offer a complete portfolio on market research services.

Since 2013, the agency has been member of global organisation Esomar, which monitors and certifies good practice in the field of market research. Over the years, we’ve gained experience and expertise in several industries, thanks to the inclusion of research manager, experts in qualitative and quantitative research. 


We are a full service research institute and we take care of all key stages of the research:

  • market reserch plan

  • fieldwork

  • data gathering and analysis

  • research report 

Research methodologies and industries

Our market research agency offers all the main qualitative research methodologies (Focus GroupIn- depth interviews) and quantitative research ones (telephone surveyson-line surveys,  customer satisfaction interviews, mystery shopping). We carry them out in different ways on the basis of the research budget, the timetable given and the typology of the respondents.

We’ve worked in the following industries: FMCG, fashion and luxury, cosmetics, food, catering, automotive, healthcare, media & it.

Research team

The inner research team is lean and made of managers with at least 10 years of experience in the field, assisted by a network of researchers specialising in different fields.

We have more than 200 recruiters throughout Italy and more than 1000 interviewers.

Why you should choose us for your market research

We employ a method, created by ourselves, called “TPF”:

  1. Trust: we're reliable as regards timetable and ();moreover, we guarantee control over all the processes of the field. 

  2. Price: thanks to a lean management structure, we’re able to guarantee the most competitive price in Italy.

  3. Flexibility: we’re aware about the last minute changes on the project. When this happens, we’re reactive to respond to the new queries.

Focus Group

Want to know the customer buying process? Want to launch a new product? Run a focus group interview:

a focus group interview gives you insights into a concept/prototype/product to gain relevant marketing information.

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In-depth interviews

Want to get a direct feedback from your clients or potential clients about your services or products? Run in-depth interviews:

telephone or face-to-face interviews are fast and successful instruments to understand the buying process of both B2B or B2C customers.

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On-line surveys

Want to know how your customers perceive your product/service in relation to your competitors? Run an on-line survey: 

send a link to an on-line questionnaire to gather quickly data statistically meaningful.

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Telephone surveys

Want to get quickly information about your final consumers? Run a telephone survey:

reach quickly thousands of respondents to plan your company strategy on the basis of reliable data.

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Customer Satisfaction interview

Want to know and measure your customers satisfaction? Run a customer satisfaction interview: 

carried out both on-line or off-line, it represents a tool to prevent drop in sales. 


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Mystery Shopping

Want to know if your retail network abide by marketing directions? Run a Mystery Shopping campaign:

trained shoppers evaluate the real application of your marketing policies.

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