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What is a marketing plan? It’s a written document, useful for deciding which marketing tools – both on-line and off-line ones – should be adopted for your company. But there’s something more.

Elements to improve to beat the competitors, the types of customers we want to reach, the expense budgets and the returns expected for each of them are also defined.

In short, the marketing plan is a map of your marketing actions: writing it down means having consciously (and rationally) made decisions, without questioning them not earlier than an actual verification.

Why you should implement (and write) a marketing plan

When you’ll start to choose wisely the marketing tools (and thus boost the number of clients) you’ll soon find out the endless possibilities.

During this stage, we’ve seen many enterpreneurs that, driven by curiosity or after being recommended by the advisor in charge, have tested several instruments without achieving any results.

This happens because of a lack of product or promotional strategy based on the customer buying process, that is the kernel of a marketing plan.

How we can help you

We have a practical approach to this topic: our aim isn’t the document per se, but guiding you through the comprehension of how to improve your sales.

We do this by a step – by – step analysis; a meeting at the end of each stage will be set up, to build together a successful strategy, thanks to your corporate knowledge and our marketing knowledge.

The steps are the following:

  • Internal analysis of the marketing strategy (with interviews to management)

  • Market analysis (with interviews to current customers and potential customers)

  • Caompetition analysis

  • Product/service analysis

  • Customer buying process analysis

  • Choice of marketing tools and settlement of use

  • Budget and tools settlement

A well established and scientific method to establish yours 

For this reason, we specialise in marketing plan implementation for small and medium enterprises, which offer products, service or sale to the public.

We carry this out thanks to a well established method and with the help of the first software in Italy, specifically designed for this purpose.

The aim of the marketing plan is providing you with a report that drives all your decisions, which affect the sellings and the company revenue.

The marketing plan is of fundamental importance to prevent the company to waste resources in operational marketing activities that don't lead to sales.

Industries in which we’ve developed a marketing plan

We’ve analysed the context and developed a marketing plan in the following industries: industrial goods (supercharger production), catering, sport & fitness, personal care, retail services

How to ask for a free initial consultation

if you want to define your marketing strategy, contact us for a free initial consultation on the type of research best suitable for your company.

You can fill out the contact form, phone at 035 0144618, chat with us on the website, or write us on WhatsApp (link on the top).

ISend us a message and we’ll contact you back within 24 hours; instead, if you call us, you’ll speak with one of our experts and you’ll get an instant consultation.

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