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You’ve chosen the social media, you’ve created Facebook page, Instagram and Linkedin accounts and even a channel on Youtube for your business.

Some days later, maybe a week, a question arises: What shall I post? When?
The answer to this trivial question lies in the social media editorial plan.

If you’re reading this web page, you already know what a social media editorial plan is; but, you may need someone who makes a plan for you and puts it into practice. And that’s exactly the service we offer!

We’ll build a social media plan considering two macro-areas: the choice of the contents that you want to create (if you don’t have a strategy in this sense, then it will be necessary to develop it) and the social media editorial plan.

The service in practice

Our support is not simply theoretical: not only will we suggest you what and when posting, but also we’ll create contents (images, videos, blog posts, etc.), write texts to launch on social platforms, we’ll post at the best times and we’ll sponsor them. 

Thanks to our meticulous work, your social channels will never be off; in addition, the contents we’ll create, will be planned to reach a list of company goals:

  • Contents to create brand awareness

  • Contents to spur the growth of your community

  • Contents to encourage interaction

  • Contents to encourage purchase (during the remarketing phase or impulse buying)

Thanks to periodic reports, which we’ll include in the service if you’re not familiar with social insights you’ll always have control over the outcomes we’ll be achieving for you.

We specialise in Facebook and Instagram editorial plans, but we’ve also gained experience in integration with Youtube, Linkedin and Whatsapp.

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Industries in which we’ve developed editorial plans

We’ve developed editorial plans for several companies in the following industries: business services, fitness, training, personal care services, catering, publishing. 

If you want to better understand how this tool may be implemented in your web marketing strategy, contact us for a free initial consultation.

You can fill out the contact form, phone at 035 0144618, chat with us on the website, or text us on WhatsApp (link on the top).

Example projects

Viceversa Group

Editorial planning (video and images) on Facebook and Youtube.

Pizza Leggera

Editorial plan and posting on Facebook and Instagram.