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As everyone know, there’s no use in being on social networks without running social media advertising campaigns.
Social media algorithms are planned to reduce visibility of companies posts in favour of those shared by users, since this is the nature of social networks.

For this reason, it is essential today to sponsor contents on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin (and soon on WhatsApp too).

The advertising platforms we have at our disposal, such as Facebook Ads, enable us to create social ads, addressed to a specific target audience; thanks to them, we’ll catch the attitudes, interests and behaviours of people in the geographic area of your interest.

These advertising campaigns are effective both during the latent demand and in the process of customer retention, by means of remarketing.

Social network marketing concretely contributes to the success of your marketing strategy, since it gives you chances of visibility in the right moments to the right people.

How we advertise on social networks

Our service allows SMEs to run effective campaigns on social media; we’ll take care of:

  • Choosing and quantifying the target to address

  • Reaching new people thanks to lookalike audiences

  • Choosing the campaign best suitable for your goals

  • Creating an advertising message, testing and choosing the best formats

  • Using software for the optimisation of advertising parameters (Facebook and Instagram)

  • Pixel integration for tracking conversions

  • Launching remarketing campaigns

By means of these tools, companies can:

  • Test their campaigns with any budget

  • Integrate campaign tests in their marketing strategy

  • Invest the right budget on social networks advertising, once they’ve found the right formula.

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Industries in which we’ve developed a social media campaign

We’ve developed advertising campaigns for several companies in the following industries: business services, catering, training, e-commerce, translations, clothes stores, beauty, fitness, ICT.

If you want to better understand how this tool may be implemented in your marketing strategy, contact us for a free initial consultation.


You can fill out the contact form, phone at 035 0144618, chat with us on the website, or text us on WhatsApp (link on the top).

Example projects

Nishida Sushi

Brand awareness campaigns, lead generation and reservation with Facebook and Instagram.

Assos Bergamo

Video marketing campaign and brand awareness for the local brand visibility.