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Social media management is often an underrated activity in a company: at best, the choice of which social media to use and the contents to share are managed by a junior employee or, at worst, there’s even no definite person in charge of it.

At least in the initial stages, instead, delegating social media management to professionals is essential, to obtain results.


If you’re browsing through this page, you’ve already understood that social media marketing is a strategic activity within a good digital marketing plan.


To say it simply, social media are the equivalent to TV, and they:

  • Allow to precisely reach the target

  • are also accessible to SMEs even in terms of budget

  • Put at companies’ disposal advanced advertising platforms (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.). 

What really counts is...not selling. It's strange, isn't it?

The main mistake made by companies is approaching to social media wrongly: as a matter of fact, the people you can intercept on social media platforms, are part of the latent demand and aren’t in the purchase phase (with some exceptions).


For this reason, social media are to be used as a starting point for an approaching strategy to the market, and not as a direct sales channel. You can do it by:

  1. Planning a strategy suitable for each buyer persona

  2. Devising an editorial calendar integrated with other digital marketing tools (e-mail marketing, messaging, marketing off-line, ecc.)

  3. Making right use of advertising platforms to give visibility to your posts, which are otherwise invisible.


If you want to obtain business results and measure them by using social media, a strategy is what you need:

You’ll first figure out the social media to use, when share posts, how create your community and how to grow ir, how catch users towards your media (first of all, website and newsletter).

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Editorial calendar and posting

Once you’ve chosen the social platforms, then you'll post in the right format and with the right frequency:

We’ll help you decide what you should post and in which formats (pictures, videos, carousels, etc.); above all we’ll create and share the proper contents.

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Advertising on social

Algorithms choose what to show on social media users; this reduces the visibility of not sponsored contents.

For this reason, we specialise in creation of optimised Facebook and Instagram campaigns and Linkedin Campaigns.

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