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Customer satisfaction survey is an important indicator for the health of your company: thus, we suggest you to measure it periodically by a customer satisfaction survey to spot dangerous areas for your business.

Why you should conduct a customer satisfaction survey

There are several reasons why you should conduct it on a regular basis:

  • To avoid loss of turnover and clients, by early detection of customer dissatisfaction with products, services, sales support, price

  • To track satisfaction with new product lines and new product line extension

  • To offer your clients a service to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction

  • To get ISO certification, which requires continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction.

Pros of running your research with us

The construction of the satisfaction assessment has aspects that, if underrated, may undermine the data gathering. In particular:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys: it should be written so that it won’t sway the answers of respondents; its structure should be made of a warm up section, a key question section and a screening one..

  • Distribution: the medium through which you collect data must be familiar for the customer type. We can gather personal data by online and telephone surveys, or by self – completed paper questionnaire.

  • Analysis and report: since we’ve expertise also in strategic marketing, our data reports are full in marketing ideas that may be applied, with a view to improving the satisfaction of your customers. We don’t simply provide data.

Our marketing agency is ESOMAR market research institute member; thus, we guarantee the highest qualitative standards, as far as all the aspects mentioned above.


Industries in which we’ve gained experience

We’ve gained experience in this type of research in the following industries: beauty, manufacture, personal care services, manufacture, healthcare & pharma, FMCG, food and catering, e-commerce and corporate services.

How to ask for a free initial consultation

If you want to learn more on how to set up your customer satisfaction survey, contact us for a free initial consultation on the strategic aspects of your market research activity.

You can fill out the contact form, phone at 035 0144618, chat with us on the website, or write us on WhatsApp (link on the top).

Send us a message and we’ll contact you back within 24 hours; instead, if you call us, you’ll speak with one of our experts and you’ll get an instant consultation.

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Additional information on customer satisfaction surveys

By Customer satisfaction we mean a series of technique and strategies aiming at maximising the customer satisfaction, seen as a measure of product/service quality.

A satisfied customer:

  • advertises positively your product/service

  • will probably buy yuor product/service again.

On the contrary, when a client is dissatisfied:

  • he/she advertises negatively: this is quite harmful to your company image and your brand

  • there’s a slight chance of buying your product/service again.

It goes without saying then, that the focus is on the customer loyalty and satisfaction.

By optimising the resources available with targeted actions and specific projects, your offer will match with the client demands.


Main goal

The main goal of this type of research is understanding which are the main aspects of your products/services that are unsatisfactory to the consumer’s eyes and highlighing the points to focus on and aspects to improve.

The customer satisfaction shall be analysed only after the purchase/use of the product/service, since the perceived quality is developed by a comparison between the expectations before the usage of product/service and the perceptions risen after its consumption.

It is possible to find two types of customer satisfaction analysis (even in the same field of research):

  • Satisfaction with relationship with the company: how the client is treated in relation to deadlines, economic aspect, etc.

  • Satisfaction with the product/service: the aim is improving and boosting product/service features.

Steps of the research

Customer satisfaction surveys can be divided into two types of steps: qualitative and quantitative.


  • Research and definition of criteria on the basis of which clients will assess quality: a comprehensive definition of rational and emotional variables which are involved in the expectation on product/service and the relevance given to each of them.

  • Reduction in the variables arisen: choice of variables that maximise informatio



the goal of this step is measuring customer satisfaction and the perceived quality; the questionnaire is the most effective instrument to serve this purpose.


We work with a significant sample that enables us to draw inferential conclusion.
Firstly, it is necessary to define the target universe, i.e. the people involved in the research. The activities are the following:

  • Sample selection: a sample must be representative of that part of the society intended to show how the whole is like. In order to guarantee an accurate description/representation/definition of the target universe, it’s necessary to choose the sample, considering several variables, such as sociodemographic, geographical and temporal ones.​

  • Questionnaire creation: questions phrasing and rating scale choice. With a view to measuring satisfaction, we rely on three sets of variables: desirability/importance, satisfaction, general opinion.​

  • Gathering and administration method choice: self – completed questionnaire, direct interview, phone interview. Flexibility, variability, costs, reply speed, possibility of monitoring the sample, sample aptitude, data quality and responsiveness are elements taken into account to choose the suitable method.

  • Data analysis: the data gathered are added to the report along with the analysis of discrete data, data conversion, summary of discrete data conversion and general conclusion in relation to the target universe.

In short, customer satisfaction surveys are an indirect instrument of measurement business performance, of goal achievement and of an overall assessment of the company.

example projects:


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